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Full Version: Lottery or Lot
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Lottery or Lot
To many, the thought of choosing by lot (possibly by rolling dice) or using some other form of lottery sounds immoral. However, in the Bible, that was the correct way to select the person who would receive a particular position or reward. In fact, the word for inherit (kleronomesousi), means to receive by lot or lottery.

The reason why this method was used by the ancient faithful was to allow God a hand in the decision, rather than trusting in the viewpoints of men. And the indication is that this method of choosing did in fact result in the manifestation of God's hand. For example, consider how John the Baptist's father (ZechariAh) was chosen by lot to serve in the Holy Place at the exact time for him to be told by a messenger of God about the upcoming birth of his son and of his son's responsibility concerning the Messiah (Luke 1:8, 9).

Also, consider the fact that Matthias was chosen by lottery to replace unfaithful Judas as one of the Twelve Apostles of the Lamb.

The good sense of letting things be decided by apparent chance can be found in the wise words of Solomon at Proverbs 18:18, where he said, 'Choosing by lottery ends a dispute, and it defines the boundaries of rulers.'
Good point Jim,
As always you filter out the nuances of truth. And aren't we all so well aware the puritans who would condemn anything that smacks of gambling, yet how true it is that leaving choices to chance ends the dispute. :ok: Now for the real question. Would God shorten or lengthen a straw to rig the game?:)

smoldering wick Wrote:
Now for the real question. Would God shorten or lengthen a straw to rig the game?:)

Well, I doubt that it was a straw... possibly even dice or flipping a coin (one translation says that). And yes; stacking the odds is what it's really all about.

LOL, you guys are funny:clap:

The specific "anti" against lottery or lots is the scripture against leaning on the god of luck or fortune, I believe.

Personally, it effects me this way. If I buy a lottery ticket, I feel sad. Not because I think that its "bad" if I buy one but because I don't think that is MY path to success. Personally, I think God has another venue and I feel an ominous waste of time and perhaps a cheating of trying to go against my path.

As for others, my mom-a JW, has won at a cruise slot machine. I had limited funds and she had none and she wanted a picture of us. She won enough to get what she wanted. I counted her blessing as a blessing. Its as if God directs someone to take a money hand out. Its similar to the fish with the coin in it that Peter? had to fetch to pay the tax upon entering Jerusalem.

Don't y'all just love biblical conflict? How the hell are we supposed to understand anything?

With Sis Love, Debbie
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