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Full Version: My Home Awaits
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Do not expect my imminent return, Dearest Isola.

Matters of a most urgent and grave nature have torn me from the home I love. From those dear humans whose cherished society I commenced missing within moments of my sighting of Charon. The inevitable arrived sooner than I might have ever imagined. Robust health, love of life, piety toward God ... these three provide no defense against destiny nor release from the dismal glide over Acheron.

Yet, in a most unexpected and singular fashion, I sense that I have become a man to the utmost degree. The irrational fears that plagued my entire, pitiful life have evaporated, releasing my heart and soul from nothing less than an iron, viselike grip. It is true that I am scarcely at liberty to refuse Fate's request to accompany her to my newest, and perhaps not so dreaded, domicile. I am, however, free to accept joyfully - as a man possessing the courage of his forebears - that I shall reside for eternity on the Isle of the Dead.

Row, Charon, row. Lead me unto my long-awaited estate ...
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