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Full Version: Hip Replacemant
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Archangel, who has sometimes posted here has had a hip replacement.
I hope it improves his mobility, he was smashed up by a car whilst on a motorbike.
Love to you Archangel if you still read here.

yes, vicky--from me also. I will hope and pray for a very speedy recovery. Motorcycle accidents are nasty, nasty things....

love, wolfie :heartbeat:
Best wishes Archangel.:thumbsup:

I had a hip replacement when I was 40 years old as the top of my thighbone had been chipped; reason unknown. The specialist told me before the operation that the life expectancy of the replacement was 10 to 12 years tops and that was for “the little old lady from Pasadena”, not an active 40yo, 6-foot plus male! :shocked:

Anywho, here I am, 20 years later with the same replacement intact! A testimony to my surgeon’s skills (and a regular dose of Valvoline!).:huh:

Speedy recovery. :ok:

Measurer. :hibye:
All the best Archangel, and hope you are recovering well!:hibye:
Grateful :giverose:
All the best, Mike. Will be praying for you.

Warm Christian Love
My son also is a keen bikie and comes by my house to visit leathered from head to foot. There is always a fear of cars as a rider is so vulnerable.

Speedy recovery for Mike, Archangel.

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